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Strategies for a successful trimester online

When Griffith announced that our classes would be held online, I had a moment of panic. How on earth would I be able to even function or look like a decent human being? Well, the bumpy first semester helped me find some tips and tricks that made me stay relaxed and on track. But, most importantly they helped me stay awake during an online lecture and not end up eating in my bed all day heh. So how did I do it? Let’s get into it…

Bedtime Routine

I am not going to lie; it is so much easier to choose to scroll on your phone for countless hours rather than create good bedtime habits. I mean, you watch one video and the next thing you know birds are screaming at 5am…Am I right or am I right? Well, in order to be productive, the next day I…

-put my iPhone on “bedtime mode”.

-always make sure that I write in my journal and calendar. Whereas the calendar is used for obvious reasons such as writing down reminders and to do lists, I note my goals, visions and  progress in the journal to keep myself motivated.

-listen to a podcast in bed one hour before I should be asleep. My current favourites are “We bought a house” by Claudia Sulewski and Finneas, “Just a tip” by Megan Batoon and “Tracks to relax”.

Drop the PJs

Drop the sweatpants and pyjamas honey, they are not going to get you anywhere! Besides watching lectures in bed. Get up, have a shower, put on some perfume for yourself and get ready to seize the day. I promise, you will feel so much more productive!

50/10 Method

Whilst studying I set an alarm for 50 minutes. Once it’s done, I have 10 minutes to do something else before putting on another alarm: make myself a coffee, take the dishes, stretch, fold some clothes etc. By using this method, I keep myself awake and the daily tasks don’t pile up by the end of the day.

Vision Board

Obviously, as the cliché blogger-Pinterest-lover I am (no shame, I am owning it) I made a vision board with inspirational pictures. Waking up and seeing the board gives me motivation to work hard both in my personal life and at university. Accomplishing your goals doesn’t happen overnight which is why I have monthly visions that are achievable. This way my long-term goals don’t scare me! (Anyone know how to become a social media manager in Melbourne overnight? HMU!)


Keep moving

Working out doesn’t have to equal screaming at the gym whilst lifting heavy weights you know. I prefer lifting the heavy weights (minus the screaming part…jesus please don’t do that). You could go for a walk, hike with friends, join a new activity or even follow trainers online. Chloe Ting has free programs online and Whitney Simmons has fun workout Youtube videos – these literally saved me during quarantine.

Be disciplined but have fun

Whilst studying I remind myself that if I am disciplined now, I can have more fun later without feeling stressed out. Every week I make sure I have plans that I look forward to, whether that be catching up with friends or doing something on my own that makes me happy. Planning ahead is key if you are messy and have the memory of a goldfish just like me 🙂

Don’t be ashamed

Lastly, I want to point out how studying online can feel quite lonely, especially if you already find it hard making friends, you are an international student or perhaps have even moved to the Gold Coast from another city. Now that the restrictions are eased, my roommate and I have decided to join group classes at the gym, check out some clubs at Griffith and we just ordered a “Paint and Sip” lesson. If you want to join us, don’t be afraid to say hi on Instagram (@zerinabudimovic)!

Good luck with the trimester guys! You got this!!

– Zerina B

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