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This is it – My Grad Blog!

Throughout my ride at Griffith, graduation had been a major motivator.

When having tough times, my friend Nidhi and I would tell each other, “just wait till the grad day. We are all walking through the stage together and we will get our Master’s degree, it will be so worth it then!”

University, for me, has been a series of both good and bad experiences. As I look back at my journey at Griffith, I am extremely grateful for all the experiences that I have had there and I would certainly do it all over again if I could.

Even though all the struggles, it still feels like it has gone by super fast. University is not easy without a bunch of friends who will lift you up when you are down and mess around when you are bored. The best thing was, we’ve managed to accomplish what we’ve been working for so hard. Oh God, it wasn’t easy at all. But I’m happy that we’ve made it.

I feel we should celebrate all of our achievements, no matter how big or small they are – for the nights stuck in the library/on your bed writing an essay last moment, for completing group projects to be submitted the next day, for the days crying when everything seemed like too much, for the days talking to your advisor about the workload and stress you are going through, for the evenings spent with friends at the uni bar, for every moment you felt sad, elated, embarrassed, furious, at peace, everything in between, you have done this through your academic and personal struggles. Over this time, you have become a brand new person.

From the person who was terrified to start university in another country, to the person who is actually sharing her story on the university’s official website as a student blogger, I have come a long way!

Thanks to each and every person who helped me in this process. I am going to miss Griffith and all that it has given me, will remember this phase fondly as the period that helped me find a “new version of me”. There will always be a special place in my heart for the professors and administrators who led me.

If it wasn’t for my parents, I would never have come this close to getting my Master’s degree in Australia. From day one, my parents Mrs. Saritha Ranga and Mr. Haranath Ranga, my sister Dr. Likhitha C and my best friend Madhu have supported me so much, always encouraged me to do my best and most importantly they believed in me when I myself wasn’t sure. I am just so grateful for having them in my life. Special thanks to my uncle Mr. Laxmi Narayana C, who introduced me to everything and made it easy for me when I was new here and had no clue about a thing.

I would like to congratulate the class of 2021 on our graduation and wishing everyone all the good luck for your future endeavors. We’ve all worked hard, and I know that we’ll continue to do so in our careers. I will miss you guys!

Everything you do with love, I believe, must have resulted in something. Nothing is ever impossible as long as you’re determined and persistent!

Thanks to everyone who made Australia feel like home.



Signing Off!

Much Love,

Vineetha Ranga
(Masters of Business).



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