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How the BusinessPLUS program enabled me to get outside my comfort zone

Jane Bautista is an international student from Scandinavia, undertaking her masters degree at Griffith University, Nathan Campus. Through Global Mobility, Jane was selected to undertake an internship in Hong Kong, where she is currently studying for the duration of Trimester 3.

Leading up to her internship in Hong Kong, Jane participated in the BusinessPLUS program. 

BusinessPLUS is a Griffith Business School program designed to help students get a head start on their careers through a range of co-curricular experiences, at no additional cost to students.

Read Jane’s story below.

BusinessPLUS has been beneficial for me in that it has provided me with the framework to strategically gain professional experience and build personal development. BusinessPLUS has enabled me to go out of my comfort zone and develop skills within leadership and gain cross-culture understanding. I am especially delighted that I learnt the essential skills of networking and how to take care of my contacts.


Thanks to BusinessPLUS, I have pushed myself and signed up to events and explored being a mentor, something I found very challenging, but rewarding and fun to do. I would never have done these types of engagements if it were not because of the co-curriculum program and the staff cheering me on. Being a high-achiever student, BusinessPLUS has allowed me to have a healthy balance engaging in co-curricular activities and at the same time, the academic workload.

I feel much more confident and prepared to embark on my professional journey after graduation. I feel confident because I’ve improved my skills to stand out in the job market and workplace – all thanks to my experiences from BusinessPLUS! 

To hear more about Jane’s University journey, and experiences living in Australia read her blog article “What I gained from living and studying in Australia” here.

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