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How the Griffith International Buddy Program and Griffith Mates helped me settle into uni abroad

Mates Noosa

Hey Explorers, Derek here; a Griffith University QCA Graduate!

I’m here today to share with you my wonderful story behind becoming part of the international buddy program!

 Attending QCA (Queensland College of Art) as a new Griffith international student myself, I understood the appreciation and importance towards giving back to new International students. So, I joined the International Buddy Program.

After a few in-class room training sessions alongside a few past experienced buddies, I learnt from the Griffith International team, about how to be a great and wise senior buddy to my new (probably shy) junior buddy!

I was partnered up with one of the newest international students attending the Griffith Film School.

Though I studied photography next door, it was still great to show the new student around the campus and be a new friend/mentor to them. A little goes a long way, especially in a totally unknown city! We met several times throughout the first trimester  to check in and give each other advice on ongoing school assignments. I advise any 2nd or 3rd year international students to consider becoming a Griffith international buddy; you can pursue it at any of the Griffith’s 5 campuses.


Griffith Mates offers fun out of school day trip programs for all domestic and international students every trimester! This the perfect icebreaker for any type of student.

Be sure to enroll in some of these awesome trips early in your time at Griffith to ensure you get a spot!

Check out a great trip I tagged along to with Griffith Mates to Noosa!





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