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Let’s chat! Ask a Griffith student anything that is on your mind

Do you have any questions about studying in Australia and at Griffith, but would prefer to speak to another student for advice?

Griffith International has just launched its new peer-to-peer communication platform, which connects current Griffith students from a range of backgrounds with future students.

Maybe you have questions about courses, extra curricular activities, making friends, joining clubs and societies or online learning – the list goes on. Whatever it may be that you want to chat about, our friendly team of student ambassadors are here to help and share their experiences with you.

The peer-to-peer platform is a great way for you to get firsthand insights into student life and what it’s like to live in sunny Queensland if you are considering studying at Griffith.

Our student ambassadors are current international students representing a diverse range of nationalities, study areas and study levels. They once started out on the same journey as you, and are excited to share their unique experiences and advice.

Prefer to speak in a language other than English? We’ve got you covered! Our team of student ambassadors speak a wide range of languages.

You can learn more about each ambassador’s study area, hobbies and language by reading their profile cards below.

For more information and to start chatting to our friendly students click here.

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-Griffith International

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