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Meet an Admissions Officer – Emma Glover

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m an International Admissions Officer. I am originally from England but have lived in Australia for most of my life now. I have worked at Griffith University for 12 years and have experience in a lot of areas at Griffith, including Student Connect, International Admissions, Compliance and Student Communications. I enjoy helping students start their study journey and enjoy helping them succeed in something they are so passionate about.

  1.   How long is the admissions process for an agent versus a direct application process?

Applications that are submitted online via Studylink are submitted and assessed in the same way, whether it from a direct applicant or through an agent. However, if you apply through an agent, your agent would be able to certify your documents, advise you of the program requirements and availability and submit all the necessary documents to ensure we receive all the requirements and avoid delays in processing the application.

If you submit the application directly without an agent, you must ensure that you submit a complete application with supporting documentation. You would also be required to send to us the original certified documents to meet the entry conditions.

  1.   How does applying to study at Griffith work if I have done prior study and would like to receive credit? 

You are more than welcome to apply for credit for your previous study. When submitting your application please make sure that you tick ‘Yes’ under the question ‘Credit for previous study’.

You will need to ensure that you attach your transcripts and award certificates for your studies, along with course outlines for each individual unit that you are requesting to be assessed.

Prior to submitting your application, you can check our credit precedent website to gain background knowledge regarding prior credit that has been awarded for your chosen program or in general.

  1.   I’ve never studied in English before, how do I find out more about the English Language requirements and how do I meet them?

The English entry requirements can be found by viewing the language requirements on each program page on our study website. This page will list the different ways you can meet our English requirements and the options available to you.

You can also check our website, Understanding entry requirements, for further information.

If you do not meet the minimum English requirement, you may like to consider enrolling in the Direct Entry Program (DEP) at Griffith English Language Institute (GELI), if applicable and depending on your program of choice.

  1.   What should I do to have my application ready to go for the best chance of admission to Griffith?

The best way to ensure you are ready to apply without delay is to check our study webpage to ensure you meet the entry requirements for your chosen degree- including Academic, Non- academic (if applicable) and Language requirements.

Once you have confirmed this you would need to ensure you have all of your relevant documents ready to attach to your application. This will also require translations of documents that are not in English. You also need a copy of your passport and a resume if applicable to your program choice.  By making sure this is ready to go and attached to your application, it will avoid delays for your Admissions Officer when assessing.

  1.   What are the pathways available to students who don’t get into their course due to English language requirements?

Students who do not meet the English Language requirements may have time to sit either one of the other acceptable English tests as listed on each program page.

Students can also apply to study at GELI for the appropriate English pathway program prior to commencing their chosen program.

  1.   How does applying for a research degree work?

If you’re interested in commencing a PhD or research degree at Griffith University, you can apply now for consideration (both admission and scholarship) to commence your study in the next available intake.

In this evolving situation, if circumstances prevent you from being able to provide all of your application documents, or commence your program as planned, flexible options are available to you.

You can visit our Research Study website to find out more about pursuing a PhD at Griffith, including how to apply and contact details: https://www.griffith.edu.au/research-study.

  1.   How early before the next intake should I apply to Griffith?

We can’t wait to welcome you to Griffith, and we accept applications all year round!

To ensure there is enough time to assess your application and for your visa application to be processed in time, we recommend that you apply by:

  •         Late January for a Trimester 1 start
  •         Late May for a Trimester 2 start
  •         Late September for a Trimester 3 start

Some programs have different application deadlines, so please ensure you read the ‘How to Apply’ section for your specific program.


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