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    How to score that 7 (HD) at university

    Eliminate distractions

    I usually sit in the front at lectures because I find I enjoy and engage in the content more. The professor looks at me more because I am the only one sitting in the front and there are no distractions by anyone else. However, the other day in a lecture I decided to sit in the back because I had arrived late. I was immediately distracted by laptops scrolling through Facebook, people messaging each other and girls watching make-up tutorials on YouTube.

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    Music to soothe your exam stress away

    Exam time has a way of sending us all into a tailspin; a never ending cycle of worry and dread. Arguably, this can affect the way we concentrate and function, causing…

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    Stay neat and save time

    Think about the time you spend every morning to find socks in your mountain  of clothes. Have you ever thought that with those 5 minutes or even more, you could relax…