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International students gain more than just a scholarship

Military personnel from Southeast Asia and the Pacific are reaping the benefits of a Griffith University partnership with the Australian Defence Corporation Scholarship program.

 The three students, Inuversa from Indonesia, Mohamad from Malaysia and Thailand’s Boonyarak, received scholarships to study Aviation Management and Cyber Security at Griffith’s Nathan campus in Brisbane.

 For Boonyarak, Griffith University had been his top choice for study given its popularity with international students and because of its rankings, particularly in the aviation field.

 I chose to study at Griffith and in Australia because of the environment, the people and the course content which gives me a lot of space to improve and help with my future career,’ he said.

 ‘You have the chance to really feel the life in Australia. You get the chance to live inside the community and establish a connection with people. It has been one of the best experiences of my life.”

 Boonyarak said that studying online during the COVID-19 crisis had been made easier through the support of Griffith’s teaching staff.

‘Griffith University offers many ways to get in contact with the lecturers and other students. One of my most favourite things is Microsoft Teams, which is a program to connect with the lecturer and your peers. It’s quite easy to use.

 “Online study is a blessing. It saved me travelling time and travelling costs, in a tremendous way. Griffith has provided a good infrastructure for collaboration with my peers with the existence of Blackboard and Microsoft Teams. I was able to get in touch with my classmates and lecturers. The communication has been seamless.” 

For Inuversa, the move to online study had also been positive with the support of the University.

 ‘The assistance given by the staff of Griffith University is very helpful, and it helps me with my study. It’s been a very good experience for me.”

 Mohamad said the scholarship had made it possible for him to fulfil his study ambitions.

 ‘I am grateful for being awarded this scholarship as it allows me to focus on my studies without having to find time for a job. I cannot imagine completing my education without this scholarship.’

The Defence Cooperation Scholarship Program provides scholarships to Defence personnel in the Asia Pacific region to undertake postgraduate studies at Australian universities.

The program is funded by the Department of Defence, and is administered by external provider Scope Global.

 Find out more about Griffith University’s generous range of scholarships on our International Scholarships and Finance webpage. 


Boonyarak Tepvorachai – Master of Aviation Management

Inuversa Buya Arca

Inuversa Buya Arca – Master of Aviation Management

Mohamad Yazid Bim A Wahab

Mohamad Yazid Bim A Wahab – Master of Cyber Security

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