The Hinterlands are a must-see

Stream in Lamington National Park

Whether you’re avid about the outdoors or it takes a lot to convince you to get outside, you should visit the Hinterlands of Australia. There are activities for people of all activity levels. There’s markets, festivals, and local food for those that do not like to go anywhere where the bugs still roam free. For those that do, there are so many different hikes from short 30 minute walks to all day excursions. It doesn’t take a nature buff to realize that these landscapes are not what you’ll experience everyday.

Waterfall from above, Lamington National Park

Viewing the waterfall from the top at picnic rock in Lamington National Park.

It will probably be the closest you get to going to a real life Jurassic Park. There are trees that are over 1,000 years old, plants and animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and streams that have been carving their paths throw mountains way before people were around. There are endless options for how to see the Hinterland, but it is something that should be on your bucket list, whether you’re only here for a semester or if you have been living in Australia your whole life. There is no other feeling like walking into the forest and feeling the temperature drop and the noise from the rest of the world fade out.

Research is always saying how nature can heal and improve people’s lives, and the Hinterlands are the best medicine available. You will never look at life the same once you get to stand under a waterfall or swim in the cool mountain water. You can get new views on life from the valleys or walking through the treetops. Wherever you choose to go, take the time to appreciate and really learn from where you are, even if that means putting down your camera for a while. So, the next free weekend you have, grab a group of friends and roadtrip to one of these amazing places and reconnect with nature or just experience the different cultures that are present beyond the coast!


Waterfall in Lamington National Park

Waterfall in Lamington National Park

Gold Coast Hinterland Destinations:

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Destinations:

For anyone looking for more of an adventure than just a hike, these areas also have options such as rock climbing to take your trip to another level. Do your research, then get out there! Happy adventuring!

– Jennifer

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