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Here’s how you can organize yourself and be productive in your online study sessions

I know that many struggle with being productive at their homes and feel like they need to go to uni or the library to get things done. But you can also be productive at home if you implement proper planning and create a good work space.

  1. Treat your day like a work day

Wake up early as usual and prepare for your day.

  1. First things first

Begin with the most important task first. It sets the right tone for the day, and that way you make sure the important tasks get done. Even if you get distracted later, it’s less harmful.

  1. Plan and schedule your day

Make a timetable of when you will be studying, timing your breaks so that a one hour netflix break doesn’t end up being four or five hours. Each minute that you spend planning and prioritising saves time in execution and prevents you from drifting away.

  1. Productive work space

Separate your study space from the living room and do not study in bed or in the kitchen.

  1. Write your thoughts down on paper

When your thoughts start to wander, immediately write them on a piece of paper. That way you get distractions out of your head, and your thoughts are saved so you can return to work with a clear mind.

  1. Take breaks

Every student hitting the books for hours on end knows that study breaks are just as important as studying itself, no matter what the coursework is. There’s no harm in clicking on Facebook, scrolling through Instagram, or putting on a movie to rest your brain — as long as you don’t go down a rabbit hole of procrastination.

  1. Convenience habit

Make study as easy as possible by reducing friction. For example, lay the book you need to read on your study desk the night before.

Ending with something about COVID-19. Don’t panic. These are unsettling times and COVID-19 is stirring up many issues that are affecting our personal and professional lives. I want to wish everyone a safe passage through this difficult period. Please take care, stay safe and sanitized.

Thank you.

– Vineetha Ranga


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