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My Experiences in Australia and top study tips!

Hi! My name is Julius and I am a Norwegian student studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Bachelor of Data Science at Griffith Uni. 

Although only in my second year now, my Australian experience and journey with Griffith started over 2 years ago. I started off with a single study abroad trimester at Griffith to get a feel for the Australian way of life and to get a better understanding of what Griffith University had to offer. And of course, I LOVED it! A year later I returned to Australia to commence the degree I am currently doing, and the past year has even exceeded the great experiences I had my first time around.

The positives of living and studying here are endless, however, if I were to condense it down to the most memorable it would be the friendliness of the Australian people, the beautiful scenery and nature and, of course, the sunny weather. All this combines to an amazing experience with good friends, fun days at the beach on the weekends and stunning hikes in the hinterlands. 

While my spare time flies by spending time outdoors with friends, the time spent at uni is equally rewarding. With such a vast offer of extracurricular activities and resources, not to mention the excellent teaching staff, you will be able to make the absolute most of your degree and be ready for employment long before you graduate. I have recently been accepted into the Griffith Honours College, which is an extracurricular offer for students with good marks. I am super excited to see what I can make out of this opportunity. I have also been having fun with the Sciences PLUS program (Professional Learning for University Students) which helps to increase my employability through small tasks and workshops. 

Finally, I would like to finish off with my top 3 tips for studying at Griffith:

  1. Put in the effort. Actually do what the teaching staff ask of you, and you will do great!
  2. Take every opportunity you come by to join in on the extracurricular activities Griffith has to offer, they are great!
  3. Enjoy the outdoors! Not everyone has the opportunity to go for a surf before heading off to uni!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope to see you around!

Signing off,


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